Tuesday, August 01, 2006

RAIN Birthday RAIN

So RO Birthday plans got changed - we had to cancel the Beach BBQ due to the rain... it was strange to see the rain on his birthday - it was more like MY birthday weather - My birthday is in January... BUT it was much needed rain and very refreshing after all this HEAT! (I think this weekend we will go snorkeling like we planned for his B-day) The water was a whooping 80 degrees which is HIGHLY unusual for here! I hope it stays that way another week...

RO still had a nice birthday - Friday night we went out for appetizers, Drinks and Dinner ... it was a really nice night out, afterwards we went to my mom's to say goodbye - we hung out there til midnight (I will blog more on that some other time)

Went to bed pretty late and slept in the next morning (a treat in itself for both of us)...Then we got up and RO opened his presents from me... ( I got him a couple hats and a set of nice small Binoculars) he was pleased...we took him to get his haircut and to Starbucks! In the afternoon we BBQed at his moms with family and had cake and cookies...on the way home we stopped and got a bottle of champange .... went home to enjoy that and then went to the jacuzzi!

Sunday we went shopping with his B-day money - fun fun! Then we drove out to the moutains for a hike in the misty day - that was very nice... then we went for a little Sunday Drive...VERY NICE AND RELAXING...

I think all in all RO had a Good Birthday Weekend! :-)

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Angoraknitter said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to make the most of the day...and rain is so awesome! Well, as long as you can go to the beach next week anyway.