Friday, June 30, 2006


I hope you all have a wonderful long 4th of July weekend....

During this time remeber to reflect on your freedoms...

Remember that many many people have died to give you those freedoms..and to protect us....Pray for our fallen soldiers and veterans....pray for our soldiers that are currently serving our country and to pray for those sholdier's families as well.

God Bless you all and God Bless the U.S.A..

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Canada, Mexico and the US - one nation? WHAT?!

Okay - yesterday I heard that the government is talking about letting our borders down at our north and our south creating a new Nation out of the three - what they plan to call it I don't know but they are even discussing creating a new CURRENCY! AHHH! They are calling it a partnership right now... WE NEED TO BE PROTECTING OUR BORDERS RIGHT NOW - not OPENING THEM UP!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

What the hell is going on? I don't know how everyone else feels - but I come from a family that has fought for our freedoms and the freedoms of others in 4 wars and I am pissed that they want to let our borders down.... I hope there are enough concerned citizens to stop this idea before it overgrows!!

Please read

...the above is a government sponsered site.....

WOW is that BRITNEY??

Okay! So I know that she is always the trash talk of everyone and she make some really stupid decisions... but you can't really knock these pics...

She looks beautiful!!!

Even though she was airbrushed all over (who in what mag isn't now adayz) - these pics are gorgeous! You can't deny that...

Thumbs up to the photo shot directors and the photographer too!

P.S. I hope she never bleaches her hair again - the brown suits her much better!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We found out Monday night we have another baby girl on the way.... My brother-in-law's wife is expecting a little girl in November! We were all a little suprised by the news because there is a loooooong line of boys in the family.... SO YAY for another girl on the way!

My best friend is due to have her little girl Angela in 33 days!! Her sister-in-law is due to have a girl a month after... and that girl's sister is also having a girl TODAY! WOW!
GIRL POWER THIS YEAR!! hee hee hee! SO cool!

My sister-in-law said when she went for her ultrasound the lady told her all 4 of the women before her appointment were also having girls...HMMM.... Maybe there is something in the water out here.... LOL!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Happy 2nd Anniversary Dave and Andrea!
I hope your day is as special as you both are...
May you have many more happy years to come!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Rundown of the Trip

A shortened version of our trip to Oahu, Hawaii

Day 1 - Thursday June 15, 2006

Arrived around 11:30am... got the luggage with no delay and went to the Alamo to pick up rental car...the line there was monsterious! I stayed with the luggage and my hubby waited in the loooooong line... about an hour lately he came out smiling and told me, "Let's go!" then he poped the trunk to a 2006 Cadillac Deville - YAY! I was a happy girl! I said, "well thank you my Cadillac Man!" (my hubby used to work soley on Caddi's) .... and this is the car I want to buy some day - my hubby has promised me one someday :-) So as you can imagine - I was estatic about the car selection...he later told me that he saw it when we arrived and knew that was the car he was going to get! HEE HEE HEE! I never even noticed it there while I sat an hour...

...we drove down the VERY busy streets to our hotel.... checked in, dropped our stuff off there and headed straight to Waikiki beach... I quickly got in the ocean water expecting warm waters... to my surprise the water wasn't much warmer than our waters here in SD... but it was still very refreshing to wade we got a Mai Tai and sipped it on the shore... VERY NICE! :-)

...about 5pm my father arrived and texted messaged us...we met up with him at the hotel and went out to dinner (walked), Tony Romas! YUMMY! My hubby and I shared a rib, shrimp, steak platter... more than enough food for the both of us... after dinner we strolled along the busy streets... and widow shopped and people watched...there are a lot of street performers downtown so we watched some of them... Dad headed to bed pretty early and RO and I walked the streets til about midnight.... Busy night here...

TIP: Want to hang out on the beach? They are a whole lot less crowded at night and just as pretty just as relaxing...

Day 2 - Friday June 16, 2006

We got up early to head to Denny's for breakfast - one of my Dad's favorite spots to hit while he is in the states...after breakfast we headed out to Hananuma Bay to snorkel! WOW! What a beautiful spot! I wish we could have spent all day there! Very peaceful to swim with the fish... I saw some BIG ones that I had never seen was a VERY low tide... I wacked my knee on the coral! OUCH! then did it again... OUCH, OUCH! It drew blood and I got my first experience with Coral poisoning! owwie! I rinsed it out really good and scrubbed it with soap... here, while snorkeling I lost my Grandpa's ring - BOO HOO!!! I was pretty bummed about that! VERY SAD! I don't think I said anything for a few hours...but I didn't cry too much, just thought and thought...I got to thinking about it and all my wonderful memories of my Grandpa way way way out weigh any little ring...besides that - the ring never really BELONGED to my pa.... my Grandmother found it and gave it to him a long time ago - which means it was lost once before and maybe the ocean was taking it back for the man who lost it...I am sure his heart was sadden when he (the original owner) lost it..... We then drove along the coast to North Shore....BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful coastlines... We stopped at a Shrimp Shack on the way up - it was YUMMY! We headed back in time to make a Sunset Dinner Cruise! FUN FUN! We went on a BIG boat, the boat was a cruiser - a nice smooth ride even when we were hauling butt in rough waters....there was a live band, singer and dancers... we had a great time and Riechel and I even got a little wet on the way back as the rough waters splashed up in the boat! FUN FUN! RO got us a bottle of champange to celebrate! YUMMY! Before we got off - I did a little singing and dancing on stage myself :-) Lots of fun!

Got back , changed clothes and walked the busy streets again - got a drink to sip and watched the night life go by... CRAZY BUSY NIGHT! It's Friday - the clubs don't close til 4am here - so they street just start getting pumped up at about 11pm/midnight... bed time for us...

TIP: Watch out for strangers wanting to shank your hands... On this night I lost a cheap ring this way... :-( Glad it was a cheap one... the man I bought something off of shook my hand like three or four times... I thought it was a little weird but passed him as super friendly til later at bedtime I realized my ring was gone. That is two rings lost in one day! Bummer!

Day 3 - Saturday June 17, 2006

Got up early and headed downstairs to the Big Kahuna for Breakfast! We shared a HUGE bowl of biscuits and gravy and a side of sausage.... it was soooo YUMMY! Then we caught our tour bus to the Polynesian Culture Center ( the bus tour there was great! The tour guys pointed out some neat culture and geography facts and myths along the way... and once we got there we had another excellent tour guide... he took us all around to the different villages, we watched lots of different shows, dances and demonstrations.... this place is like Disneyland of Luaus from 7 different islands...Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga, etc...awesome! If you ever make it to Oahu this place is a MUST stop! We spent all day there and then enjoyed a fabulous dinner there too! Crab, shrimp, macadamia crsuted Fried chicken (YUM), prime rib, sushu, and much much more... too much good stuff! After dinner we watched thier SUPER SHOW! The Horizons! it was beautiful with over a hundred dancers! The icing on the cake to a really great and educational day! :-)

TIP: Great family spot - take the guided tour - it cost a little more - but you get everything in and see a lot more this way.

Day 4 - Father's Day! - Sunday June 18, 2006

First thing, we were sure to call our dad's at home to wish them a good day...We got to sleep in a bit! YAY! I met up with my Dad downstairs and gave him some SEES candy - he was happy! We went to the Big Kahuna again ... good stuff! After breakfast we headed to the BIG Swap meet! WOW! ...this place has just about everything a tourist could want....we spent a lot of time here getting gifts for the friends and family back home... we stopped at an outlet center for about an hour or so then afterwards we headed to the Ala Moana Shopping Center( - HOLY MOLY! This a HUGE HUGE.... did I say HUGE...mall! Crazy big - we were there a few hours and didn't even cover two of the four floors! CRAZY BIG! Found lots of cool stuff and killer deals there.... FUN place to see - I could have spent all day here! We finished up our big shopping day and headed back to change for dinner.... we ate at Chucks Steak House in Waikiki- Good FOOD - big portions.... My hubby and I shared a Lobster/steak dinner combo with an all you can eat Salad bar and HUGE baked Potato...(only $32.95) we were both stuff silly and had plenty of Lobster so we weren't fighting over it...hee hee hee....we've been known to do that while sharing Lobster.... I think my Dad had a good Father's day as he loves to shop and dinner was Great too! I had a GREAT TIME being with him...After dinner we walked around a did our last minute shopping... and enjoyed the last bit of night life before heading to bed...

TIP: GREAT deals are found late at night - when the vendors are packing up and want to get in thier last sale...and will bargain with you for the price... we got a $75.00 wooden carved mask for only $25.oo - and a $12.00 hair clip for $4.00 - YAY!

Day 5 - Monday June 19, 2006

Our last day.... had stayed up til 2 the night before...shoping and walking around soaking up the city life.....this morning got up at 6am to head to the airport and see off my Dad... it was a quick good-bye (which was less painful that way) as our terminals were in opposite directions... hubby slept in the airport a few hours - I shopped a little more.... I walked around a lot since I would be sitting on the plane 5 hours on the way home.... BYE Dad... BYE Oahu! Love you both...IT has been a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! :-)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Happy Friday to you all! I hope that it is a fabulous weekend!

San Diego is expecting a heat wave to start today and head into next week.... I will have to turn on the misters for the animals and double check thier waters everyday.... Tumbleweed like iced water - I guess it is that time of year for her special water again...

We will be VERY very busy the next few days! Tonight we are going to Sea World, tomorrow we are going to the County Fair! YAY! Tomorrow night we will be celebrating my father in law's birthday and Sunday we have our good friends, Janet and John's wedding to attend.... BUSY BUSY!

It shoudl be a fun filled weekend!

Monday we find out if we are going to have a new niece or nephew in November - looking forwardto that! :-) Also on Monday is our best friends 2nd wedding anniversary! COOL COOL! :-)

Have a GREAT one!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Here is my Nephew posing for me... Can you tell he is saying cheese?

Then he suddenly corrolated "cheese" with the cheese balls he was eating.... so he decided to pose with them....still saying "cheese" of course!

Here he is conducting the music on... "All Dogs go to Heaven"... I am not sure where he learned this... pretty cute, eh?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm Back....but not really here yet

I am glad to be back home in our beautiful city....HOME SWEET HOME!!

I am back and at work today but don't really feel HERE yet - my head is still in Hawaii - I needed about 3 more days there...

I will post some pics and what we did everyday there soon.

Right now I have alot of work to do! I am glad i only scheduled to work a half day today - I couldn't do more than that...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LAST DAY OF WORK! hip hip horay!

Welp it is my last day at work...yay! It has been SUPER crazy so far, but that makes it go really REALLY fast - BUSY BUSY BUSY and my partner here called in sick today! AHHHH! that means even more to get done before the day is up... AHHH! That is the way life goes I guess... when you are under pressure there always seems to be something else that comes up to bog you down more....


I will be half way to Oahu this time tomorrow! That will be so nice and refreshing! That thought will get me through the day with a smile! :-)

We are ALL packed and ready to go!

I sure can use the break! My hubby too! R&R is a WONDERFUL THING! I can't wait to hear the waves and smell all the tropical flowers. I can't wait to be a fish for a week too...

I will be bummed when it is time to leave Hawaii and come back home... But OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO COME HOME TO....

I will miss my dog terribly too! She might miss me even more... So coming home will be nice for that reason too.

Monday, June 12, 2006

HAPPY Retirement MOM!

My Momma's last day of work!
Boy she sure look happy!
HEY! She is too young to retire!
I hope I can do like she did... :-)
Love you mom!

Dreaming of Hawaii

I can't wait to snorkel in that warm water... I am well rehearsed - I have been practicing in our swimming pool... :-) I hope to see a few turtles and swim with them...

Our last trip to Maui I was privlidged to swim with three HUGE (8-10 feet long) sting rays for about 20 minutes or so....I was soooooo bummed I didn't have my underwater cam with me for that one.... Oh well! The image and experience is in my head FOREVER! :-)

We're almost there...

3 more days til we are back in paradise! :-)
I am sooo looking forward to watching the sunsets with my honey!

HELLO! The parties were a Smash! I will have to post some pics when I get some time! My Stepdad's Retirement party was fun fun! I have never seen Greg happier! :-) it was nice...
afterwards - we went to my sister's a while and visited.

Andrea's Party was fun too - the sun was out and it was a beautiful day! We had a TON of food! There was 3 tables FULL of food and some more on the counter tops - everyone enjoyed! I took lots of pics... Andrea got a TON of little baby clothes for Angela - she said she filled her closet up already :-)

Yesterday Ryan and I did alot of shopping and ran errands to get ready for our big trip... we were busy busy all day long - I still have a couple loads of laundry to do and then pack the rest of our bags and we will be READY! 3 more days..... YAY! I can't wait to get in the warm water there and to SNORKEL!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Graduation Day

JO and RO =>


Graduation Day!
May 31st!
Don't worry! She is drinking Cider!

Tumbleweed - On Top of the World!

My Baby Girl :-) Happy as ever!


It is a wonderful Friday! We are on our way to Hawaii in just 5 days now! SO COOL!
Oahu here we come... We have been counting down the days since day 45...

We will be meeting up with my father out there for Father's Day weekend...quite a treat being I have only spent one other Father's Day with my Dad before. I am really excited to see my Dad! I haven't seen him in almost 2 years - when my husband and I were married. My Dad is paying for us to fly out there... it is a graduation gift to me since he couldn't make it out for my graduation... We haven't been to the island of Oahu yet - we went to Maui before!

I LOVED MAUI! we both did! Oahu will be much different, not like the laid back, country like atmosphere Maui provides...Maui doesn't even have a freeway. Oahu is more like the booming city, San Diego we are from... My dad always goes to Oahu...he likes it there a does my boss - that is her island of choice when she travels to Hawaii....I feel a little bad leaving my stepdad and father-in-law behind and missing thier special day for Dads - but we will celebrate with them the following weekend... What is a holiday anyways, but just another day... we have everyday of our lives to celebrate with and honor our love ones.....

This evening we will be going to a Retirement Party for my Stepdad, Greg.... he is retiring from being a teacher and they are throwing him a BIG Shibang! Get is a Luau at a Mexican Place.... hee hee hee! I got a kick out of that! The party starts at 4:30 and unfortunately - I work til 4:30 and the party is 30-40 minutes away so my husband and I are rushing home, changing quickly and heading out... we will get there about 5:15 or so right when they serve dinner - so that is cool! It should be a fun night.

Tomorrow my Best Friend is having her second baby shower...her Little Baby Angela will be here so soon now! I just can't wait to see her! WE are ALL VERY anxious! :-)

Have a great day! :-)