Thursday, November 09, 2006


Our little Niece is on her way - Momma went in labor this morning - and was dialated 4 cm when she arrived at the hospital!

OOOOOOHHHHH we are all soooooooo excited!

We can't wait to see her!

Miss Hayley Marie!!

We are praying for Momma and Baby to do well...


andrea said...

That is so exciting to have a new baby in the family!! She will be here anytime now:)

JO said...

YEP! We have a nice bottle of Champange int he fridge to pop and celebrate with tonight too! :-)

Momma Michelle said...

She's here ..Congrads Lidsay and Adam. Having a little one in which both of you created is quite a beautiful thing ..enjoy every precious and growing moment of it. I say growing because babies grow so so very fast. It seems like just yesterday Jacob was a baby and now he is 3...just like that walking and talking. God bless all three of you and have fun. Congrads to Jen and Ryan also. Hayley is lucky to have a cool Auntie and me I know. Right Jacob? Lots of love (o: