Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy 18th Anniversary to My Dad and Riechel!

Hope your Anniversary was as special as the two of you are.

Love you both!


Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice photograph. Happy Anniversary.

Jenny's Dad said...

Thanks Sweety. So you used the new picture from our recent Macau trip? We just got home from a nice movie and dinner. We'll share it with you and RO when we see you in October.

Love and miss you,



Thank you Mr. Lincoln

troublenet said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!

GMG said...

Wow! Congratulations on the several anniversaries on this blog!
I kep my fingers crossed for that 08.08.08!
Have a great week!

Sandy said...

Well let me wish them a happy anniversary also!!

Shionge said...

Yo...hope I am not late to soak in the celebration...Happy Anniversary folks :D

Laurie Keller said...

You are always so thoughtful. You will be great Mom!