Friday, October 27, 2006

Some fun family pics

Little Littles - our chicken we don't have anymore... I miss him lots - we had to give him away when we bought the house - no chickens allow here unless they are in the freezer, fridge or on the BBQ...

Pierre getting lots of love from Teresa and Pierre with a new bone...

Tumbleweed chilling in the sun camping

Bruce the green dinosaur

Princess Tumbleweed on vacation waiting for a cracker with cheese


Andrea Foti said...

Cute! The pic of the chicken reminds me when Zion was little and the chicken used to chase her around your backyard trying to peek her.

Momma Michelle said...

Where's Tumbleweed"s diamond collar?

Ding Ding you are so spoiled.

Let me quess are going to be a princess or should I say queen for Halloween.

Happy Halloween to you all!!!

Love Ya ~

JO said...

LOL! You shoudl buy her one!

Her Daddy and I call her Princess Tumbleweed all the time... :-) she IS a princess!