Thursday, May 24, 2007

Camping Lake Jennings

Just Another Beautiful Day!RO relaxing in his hammock...Me and My Momma Gaurd Dogs on Duty Pierre

Some of the Beautiful Nature...

It was only a two day stay for us but we had a really good time... the dogs really loved to get away... we went on one long hike around the lake... it was a real nice one. We BBQed Steak and mushrooms for my parents Saturday night. We didn't do any fishing this trip... I had a cold so I didn't get near the water....the day we left we went on a dirt road down to the Lake and around it a bit... that was fun. All in all it was a nice trip and great to take a break.


andrea said...

It looked beautiful out that day! Sounds like you had fun. I want that hammock.

Gudl said...

That looks like a nice little vacation! The sun is always shining in California, yes?
I've been to San Diego, many years ago. I loved it!