Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Retail Therapy

Last Friday I took a half day to go shopping with my mom and take her out to lunch... We went to the Veijas Outlet... we had a great time! I didn't find too much for clothes up there but found a great little purse at Liz Claiborne for only $9.99... Wooo HOO! It is pictured below too. Then yesterday my shoes came! I ordered them a few weeks back from Target... I had caught a cold over the weekend and was having a crumpy day since I couldn't breathe all day but when I got home to my waiting package and put on my new shoes I was HAPPY! It is funny how a new treat for yourself can change your whole attitude.

New Shoes make me HAPPY!

Aren't they Cute? Love them!

My hubby loves them too :-)


Anonymous said...

where are the shoes from?

andrea said...

It always makes me feel better to get new clothes and shoes to:)

JO said...

Target On-line $17.99