Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Independence Day

With our Independence Day Holiday coming up I thought we should think about these two words and what they mean...

FREEDOM: 1. The condition or quality of being free. 2. Exemption from political restraint or autocratic control; independence. 3. Liberty of choice or action. 4. Exemption; immunity. 5. Exemption or release from obligations, ties, etc.. 6. Ease; facility. 7. Frankness; candor. 8. A bold or excessive familiarity. 9. Unrestricted use.

LIBERTY: 1. The state of being free in action or thought fromt he domination of other or from restraicting circumstances; freedom. 2. The possesion and exercise of the right of self-government. 3. A particular permission, right or priviledge.


andrea said...

Good Words of wisdom:) I like the red, white , and blue colors. Happy 4th of JULY!! I hope you have a good one.

JO said...

Thanks! You too!