Thursday, July 12, 2007

La Jolla

Here is RO and Tumbleweed at the beach this past Saturday. It was a nice relaxing time... a little overcast but still very nice.
We stayed for a couple hours and watched the surf and wild life... we saw some seals, squirrels and lots of birds....Tumbleweed was squirrel watching and people watching... I will haev to post more pics so you can see where the squrril was hiding out from her... there was quite a few people fishing as you can see in the picture below...
...we saw about three weddings on the bluff in just a couple hours.... 7-7-07 was a HUGE day to get married.


Jenny's Dad said...

It looks like you guys were very near my favorite spot in La Jolla........ Such a neat place to just chill.

Love you,


andrea said...

I wish I were there right now instead of work!