Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tempe, Arizona

Here are some pics of the holiday electric parade we saw in Tempe last weekend.
It sure was a fun night! We had GREEEEEEAT seats!

We found some open seats at an out door lounge and had drinks and appetizers brought to us for hours - yeah!
OH yeah!

Fresh chilled beer and champange for all...and great BIG shrimps and beefy nachos too! yum!


oldmanlincoln said...

You all look like you had some fun and it must have been warmer there than it is here.

The Loo

GMG said...

Great! It seems you all were having a great time, and the pictures are quite nice!

andrea said...

Looks like fun! We should go to the del mar light show this year. Angela would love that.

Gudl said...

That does look like you all had a great time! I didn't know that you went on vacation AGAIN?!! What's up with that?