Sunday, January 27, 2008

Queen Elizabeth

Here is a pic of my Mom's new pet, Queen Elizabeth.

Isn't she a cutie? She is a tiny little one. Just a baby.


Doro said...

Where is the hat? You can`t see the Queen without one! :) Doro

Mellimaus said...

She's so cute! Funny name! I always loved birds...wish I had that instead of my hamster! ;-)

Kostas said...

Very good blog, with beautifully posts, beautiful photographs, and cheerful comments.

Gudl said...

that is a cutie.

andrea said...

She is a cute bird, do you think she would like Bruce?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth loves music and sings when you are in the kitchen. She is very young about 4 months. We love her. She lifts her wings when you talk to her.

Jennifer's Mom

Anonymous said...

Some bad news about Queen Elizabeth.

A quote from a Parakeet web site:

The male parakeet's cere is blue and the female’s is tan or light yellow. The "cere" is the area located at the base of the beak, just below the forehead or crown area. It is where the two nostril type openings (nares) are also located. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part this coloration is fairly accurate. In young parakeets, under 3 months, it is pale pink to tanish but changes after sexual maturity.

Maybe a name change is in order.