Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007

RO and JO's
Christmas 2007

Here are some fun Christmas pics taken at our house...

The tree was decorated with mostly blues and greens this year...

Didn't my Aunt Becki look nice Christmas Eve? I loved her outfit...

Tumbleweed sure was having a lot of fun all of December.
She really liked our new bedspread. :)

Every morning she came down and sniffed all the presents. She was searching for hers....

It was a long wait til Christmas as I start wrapping early. Of course I had to wait and wrap hers and Pierre's on late Christmas Eve while they were locked in the bedroom.

Here they are Christmas morning with RO.

We baked and decorated lots of yummy cookies.


Gudl said...

That does look like a nice and cozy Christmas! Love the cookies and Tumbleweed under the tree!

Mellimaus said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas! I love the pictures of the tree, with the blues, it looks so pretty, and of the cookies (mmmmmm, yum), and Tumbleweed in the gifts and on the bed! Funny! Abby didn't get that close to the tree! :-)
Happy New Year!