Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HAPPY Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Billy!

RO's Dad turns 50 today!

Happy 50th!
Hope your new year is filled with wonderful things! :)
Love ya!


Jenny's dad said...

Happy Birthday Billy. I hope that you have many more..........


Shionge said...

Now, now.....50? Oh c'mon I have to rub my eyes couple of time to confirm he is 50 today??? Amazing!!!!

Happy Birthday Billy, honestly you don't look like 50 at all, many many happy returns and have a good time.

Gosh....50..... :D

andrea said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...


Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Happy Belated Birthday

Jennifer's Mom

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Billy

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th Birthday...belated.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

Rudy and I hope you celebrate many more.


Becki & Rudy