Monday, June 02, 2008



Here is the proof it was ACTUALLY SNOWING in San Diego Memorial Day weekend! Crazy Huh? WACKY WEATHER! Good Times!



Anonymous said...


Nice video of the snow. Weather has a mind of its own.

It was nice to have a RV to stay in to keep warm.

Love Mom

Janice Thomson said...

I never knew San Diego got snow! Very strange weather world wide methinks.

andrea said...

It looked beautiful out there with the snow. To cold for me though:)

Angoraknitter said...

In San Diego snow is like optional can go visit the snow and the beach all in the same day! Awesome!

Mellimaus said...

Woa, SNOW??! That's crazy! Haha....:D

Amrita said...

Snow in June, what a thrill for us who are bearing under 110 degrees.

Sandy said...

Oh that was fun!!! Wow, so cool to see and your guy sure reminds me of my younger cousin whose name is Rick.

Jenny's Dad said...

Wow sweety that was nice..... I really enjoyed my days of living in San Diego and traveling to the mountains when I wanted to see snow. Visiting snow is the best way to enjoy it. I don't like living in it. That's why I live in the Philippines. No snow here.

Love and miss you,