Friday, September 19, 2008

RO and JO

Yesterday was RO and JO's 4th wedding anniversary!
We had a nice night. RO brough home some velvetly red roses and champange for me and he brought home the fixin's for a great dinner. We made King Crab, Jumbo grilled shrimps, steak and fresh brocolli. We had a nice night celebrating. :)Oh! And daddy took care of baby ALL night... well til it was bed time :) I always get the night shift... I can't complain, I don't have to get up for work the next day.


Angoraknitter said...

Happy Aniversary! What a special treat!

andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful roses!

ADRIANNA said...


GMG said...

Hi Jo and Ro! After a short break but a long absence, I’m finally back to the blogosphere and found some excellent pictures here!
Congratulations also on your wedding anniversary!
Meanwhile, Blogtrotter is now still in Kos on the way to Crete! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend and a nice week ahead!

Laurie Keller said...

Beautiful roses and darling boys! Happy Anniversary.

Jenny's Dad said...

A belated Happy Anniversary. I can never remember those dates. Even my own.

Love and miss you,


Sandy said...

Wow, four years. I remember our fourth year. Our first child was
about a year old.

Sounds like you had a nice evening. Love the photo of William with his daddy.

Gudl said...

Happy belated anniversary. What a nice husband you have (although he looks a little tired on the photo !! )

cousin cassandra said...

hi sweetness! ryan just told me about this blog of yours, and i was so excited to finally see some pics of that gorgeous baby of yours! he is absolutely perfect. happy belated anniversary! we will get together soon so i can give little william a kiss on the cheek and meet him in person!

ps - i gave ryan some ginormous heirloom tomatoes to bring home to you from the lot i scored from my friend yesterday. i thought you would appreciate them. and ryan's never tried them! :)