Friday, September 05, 2008

William turns 21 and Momma Gets Her Diamonds Back!

William turned 21 yesterday! :)

...AND Momma can suddenly fit in her wedding ring again! WOOO HOOO!!! I am happy about that! I haven't been able to fit in my rings since I was 6 months pregnant.

So yesterday we were celebrating!

RO took us to IHOP for dinner. William decided he wanted to eat there too... so that he did, very discreetly of course. :) He always wants to eat when it is dinner time.


andrea said...

Of course he wants to eat to:) Wait until he starts grabing the food off your plate:) I bet it feels good to be able to wear your ring again!

Angoraknitter said...

That's great! A well fed baby usually makes for a much more peaceful meal ;)

Sandy said...

hahhahaha..he's aging fast ..OMG 21 already...hahaha.

Sure glad those rings fit again.