Monday, October 20, 2008

Two more birthdays!

This weekend two of my favorites persons had a birthday.

First on October 18th Miss Tumbleweed turned 10! She was spoiled after singing her happy birthday in the morning, we took her to Home Depot and lots of people there pet her and told her how beautiful she was. She sniffed lots of flowers in the garden section and enjoyed walking around. Then we drove her to the mountains and took a short walk around a pumpkin patch. After that we took her to Petco to the cookie bar and bought her lots of new treats, cookies and chewies sticks. Then we came home and BBQed Bacon Wrapped Filet Minons for her birthday dinner (yes, she got some of both and two pieces of think cut bacon in her dinner bowl). I think she had a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUMBLEWEED!!
Then on October 19th was my Aunt Becki's Birthday! We called her and sang to her. She had lots of visitors this weekend in Arizona. We didn't make it there this year but sent her a gift. She will be here on Friday of this week, we can't wait to see her and Uncle Rudy.
She had fun birthday weekend with her friends. She took a day off work Friday and headed out to Sedona for some relaxation. Then on her birthday her Football team (THE RAIDERS) defeated the JETS! What a game!


andrea said...

Happy birthday Becky! Happy Birthday Tumbleweed! Sounds like you both had a good one!

andrea said...

Check this out Jennifer!

You can turn your blog into a book!

Shionge said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Tumbleweed and Aunty Becki :D

GMG said...

Hi Jo! Happy belated birthdays!!
Everything fine?
Meanwhile, Blogtrotter just said goodbye to Mykonos 2007!! It shows the famous sunset scene at Little Venice, and the Pelican mascot of the island… ;)
Hope you enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

Today (October 25th) in my birthday. I am 74 years old.

Sandy said...

Happy birthday to them...Tumblewood is cute.