Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feeling Better

Thanks for all your nice comments. I have been taking it easy as the doc said and am feeling much better now. Thank the Lord. :)

Here are a few old pics for you. We took them out in Arizona in 2002 when visiting my Aunt Becki and Uncle Rudy. It was a great trip.My Aunt and I really loved exploring this old house. I'd like to go back there someday and take more shots of it. It had a few different rooms and it was fun to wonder about the people who once lived in it.
I will try to upload some new pics tonight or sometime today.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


ADRIANNA said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better!
those pictures are beautiful!
love ya!

Amrita said...

Hi Jo. good you are feeling better after the bed rest. Little Willie looks so cute in the picture.Thank you for praying for us.

andrea said...

I'm glad your felling better!! I love thinking what it would be like to live in those houses.

Gudl said...

Good to hear that you are much better! Thank God!

Sandy said...

I REALLY enjoyed the pics, especially that bottom one with the cactus. So glad you are doing better.