Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Christmas Time is Here

Here is our happy little elf :) Let's go cut down our Christmas tree...

We got the perfect one...
I am almost bigger than this silly tree.

Geez... are you afraid I will get cold?
This party is over!
hmmm??? Which ones are mine?Can't you see I am trying to crawl here?Yummy!

Mommy's Babies... :)

Better be good... Santa is coming.


Sandy said...

It's so fun to watch as he grows!

How could one want anything else for Christmas but this little guy. wow...Lucky parents you are. He is so darn cute.

Anonymous said...


Little Willaim is so cute in the
pictures. We have about 8 to 10
inches of snow here in Bend, Or.
We will have a white Christmas here for sure.

Love Mom and Greg

Shionge said...

How time flies, he is so adorable & so grown-up Jo, BIG HUGZ :D

Nice photos there and hey, Merry Christmas to you & your family Jo.

andrea said...

Merry Christmas! You have a cute little elf:)

GMG said...

Hi Jo & Ro! Sorry for the absence, but these last weeks were a nightmare. Just dropped by to wish you a great holiday season! Hope to be back before 2009... ;) Merry Christmas! you look great!!
Meanwhile Blogtrotter is starting its new adventure in India. Enjoy and have a great week!