Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Time No Post - Last of Thanksgiving

Sorry for my delay in posting. I have been super busy lately. Christmas seems to be sneaking up on my this year. Usually I have all my shopping done, the house decorated to the max and all the packages wrapped by now. Leaving only the baking to do.

That is not the case this year. I have lots of shopping to do yet, the house is not getting the full treatment of decor this year but most the packages are wrapped... so that is a strart. I still need to plan the cookie bake....hmmmm???

My little one have been keeping me extra busy this year. He is trying to crawl and has been teething. Poor little guy has been getting frusterated and upset a lot lately. He has sooo much determination though. We lay him on a blanket every night about 3 feet from the presents and tree and he manages to scoot himself on his belly to the presents - it is so cute. We are proud of him. His new acheivements excite us.

I'll leave you with some pics we took Thanksgiving weekend and on our to our Aunt Becki's house that same weekend...we had a great time!


Jeffrey Skemp said...

Congratulations on having a baby! He looks like he already has a lot of personality. And remember that just taking car of him is much more than a full time job so don't be too hard on yourself for falling behind in other stuff!

Happy holidays!

andrea said...

Looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving:)

Anonymous said...


Really nice pictures. Everyone is so grown up now. Thanks for
sharing. Looks like everyone was having fun.

Love Mom