Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family and Friends

Here are some recent pics of our little guy playing and having fun with some friends and family.

Here is Mommy and William visiting Daddy's work one day... William loves to be at the shop. Daddy tells him to go fix a car for him.

Here we are on our couch visiting with Mommy's friend Amanda and her three little girls.

William loves to play with all his girl friends :)

Hailey and William

Maya, William, Natalie and Me

William, Maya and Natalie playing

William has got his Daddy and he is HAPPY!

Aunt Lindsay, cousin Rylee and Great Grandma Dianne Great Grandpa Bill, William and Daddy

Cousin Jacob and William playing
Great Grandpa Bill and Cousin Hayley


andrea said...

Cute! Looks like William was having lots of fun! OH! I forgot to tell you Angela loved her valentine from William. She carried it around the house saying my valentine.

Amrita said...

hugs and kisses for the little chappie

Sandy said...

William is SOOOOOO cute.