Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Poor Boom

Here are some pretty sunset shots I took a couple weeks back.

UPDATE: After taking William Walter to the doctors last week. I was told he had Brohitis and they xrayed him to make sure he had no colapses in him lungs. They said his looked good and gave him a breathing treatment there. They told me that he was the third baby that day with it and there were 5 the day before. They told me that he was so cheerful and happy for being so sick and it was a good thing I brought him in. The xray tech said he was amazingly coroperative. :) They sent him home with an inhaler to help him through his coughing and weezing spells. He is doing much much better now. Praise the LORD.


andrea said...

Poor William! I hope he gets better soon.

Shionge said...

Hey what a beautiful shot there Jo and sorry to hear that William has been poorly, hope he is fine now.

Angoraknitter said...

I'm glad you've got some stuff to help out with those little lungs. It's nice when they give you the tools to take care of things quickly at home. Hope he gets better soon!

Sandy said...

oh wow, glad he is doing better!!

beautiful photos too.

It's so hard when the littles one are sick...poor guy.