Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coming Soon!

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have had a problem with my computer. I have sooooo soooo soooo many pictures on it that it will not allow me to upload any more. So we have recently purchased an external hard drive and have been uploading the pics there. This morning I finally found some time to check to make sure those photos are actually saved on the external so that I can erase them off the computer's harddrive.

So there is my tale.... And my excuse for being out of touch.

Life is good. William Walter will be eleven months on the 14th. He is growing like a weed and does all sorts of "tricks" now... :) He waves, claps his hands, and does twinkle twinkle little star in sign language, throws up his hands when we say horay... He is running for a few steps now. After those few steps, he falls then pretends he meant to by picking up the nearest toy and getting up and walking away with it. :)

I have taken some great pics and video... that will be up soon.

Til then, Hope all is well...

Take Care. William Walter in awe inside "It's a Small World." (9 months)


Shionge said...

I find it hard to upload photos to blogger too so that's awesome photos there Jo :)

He is such a big handsome, cheerful boy :D

Gudl said...

What a cutie-pie he is, your William Walter!

Anonymous said...

William is cute as ever in the picture at Disneyland!
Auntie Becki

Anonymous said...

Jennifer what a great picture of William Walter. He is so cute. Miss
all of you.

Love Mom