Wednesday, February 07, 2007


My mom arrived here last night for a weeks visit.... I can't wait to see her!!!

She and my stepdad are here for my Grandma Rosebud's funeral... they weill be here til next Thursday....

Tonight I will make spaghetti (from scratch- yum) dinner for everyone (sis, nephew, mom, Greg and hubby too) it will be a nice visit.... :-)

TUMBLEWEED IS GOING TO FREAK OUT WHEN SHE SEES GRANDMA! She hasn't seen her in 7 months! Bruce and Pierre will be pretty darn happy too.

Friday my Aunt and Uncle will be here for the weekend and they will be staying with us.... I guess I better get busy cleaning, huh?

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andrea said...

I'm glad you get to visit with your family. Sounds like fun.