Wednesday, February 28, 2007


SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! And a TON of it! AT 2000 Ft! WoW!!! No this is not me today - but I thought the picture was appropriate.

This morning the news reported - black ice conditions on the 8 freeway and CHAIN requirements on the 8 and the 76. People living in Pine Valley were told to stay home - the snow plows usually used for them need to work the freeways and highways today! SNOW DAY! Not for us though...we live at a mere 930 ft and work is at about 700 - poo poo - oh well!
But boy! It sure is chilly out - feels like it could snow.... I wish I could drive up there and enjoy it... unfortunately it is a Wednesday.... work work work.


Angoraknitter said...

I love days like that...though only when I'm in So. Cal. It was cold yesterday...I wish it would snow here

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you and Tumbleweed. Maybe you can go to the snow Sunday.