Friday, August 24, 2007


I found this book at Target last weekend and read it in about 5 days - it was great... is a heart warming story told by an old man about his days in the circus... it is filled with laughs, love and animal antics. It keeps you on your toes...and made me laugh and cry. I think this is one I will keep and I will read again and again. LOVED IT!
Also, there were discussion questions at the end which made me think this book is probably used for college courses... it was so well written - it would be great for that.
PS this is a book for adults not children... there is some profane words used and a bit of adult scenes too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I will have to borrow this book. Looks good to me.
I'm glad you have time to relax.


Anonymous said...

The book sounds interesting because I knew a lot of medicine show people and I went to lots of medicine shows and watched them make patent medicine and watched perfectly normal ladies turned into exotic temptresses, and it was a strange life.

I came to thank you for your visits. I appreciate seeing you there.