Friday, October 05, 2007

Puppy pics

Here are the cute little pups our Brother's dogs had.... 4 weeks old

<<<---- I want this one AWWWW Aren't they precious?

<<<--- I want this one too



andrea said...

They are very cute little puppies:)

Jeffrey Skemp said...

Thanks for your feedback Jo. Cute puppies.

WendyB said...

That's so cute it should be illegal! Send some pix to

Wanda said...

Oh Jo, Those are darling pups! Are you going to keep all of them?
I like the look on proud papa's face. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are special photos and all babies are cute. Some cuter than others. I love dogs so this fits me just right. Where is the momma?

Thanks for the visit to my Japan blog of pictures taken more than half a century ago.

I have been working on my new blog trying to fill it up. It is much like the Brookville one except this has everything in it and the name is Brookville Ohio 45309.

Gudl said...

They are just adorable and so little!!!Very cute.

JO said...

I don't get to keep one
:( I wish I could but my dogs have to share enough space, our place is small.

Maybe someone in the family will though :)

I will post a pic of the Momma with her babies soon.

Pamela said...

CoConut Ogglita is my dog. so no 1 can have her. sooo sorry. (black and white patches on eyes) better luck next time.