Friday, October 12, 2007

Vacation Plans in the Works on anything in purple to learn more...
So I think I have got just about everything booked that we are going to book for our next trip. AND I CAN'T WAIT!!

We are headed to New England... first up Boston... our friends work at this fabulous hotel out there and got us a great rate. We are staying there two different nights.... WOO HOO! We will be checking out the Freedom Trail, a walk which has all kinds of great historical buildings and sites on it.

Then we head to Cape Cod, not sure where we are staying there... there is plenty available since it is off season. So we will take our pick.

On our way to the Cape we will stop at The Plimoth Plantation (spelled correctly, I promise) this place is really cool, there are actors dressed and in character as if they are living in 1627. There is also a replica of the Mayflower there that we will go on.

The next day we are going to drive west to the haunted Lizzie Borden House. I have been reading a few books on the Borden murders. No! we aren't staying there...scary...Later that day we will travel down to Newport, RI and we will check out some of the old mansions out there.

Then our next destination, Schenectady, NY. This is where my mother's side of the family is from. We will see my Grandmother and Grandfather's family and the homes they grew up in. We will see the house my Grandpa built and the curch he married my Grandma in. :)

I can't wait - the leaves will be changing and we will enjoy the beautiful drive... I hope it is not too cold... Burr this is the run down - I promise to post a TON of pictures when we return... not leaving for a few more days. I better start packing and I need to buy a good warm coat! Not much of a need for one here so I don't own one... yet.


andrea said...

Sounds like you have a great trip planned, I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures. I think you should stay in the haunted place though:) Hehehe.

Angoraknitter said...

Oh that is going to be such a great trip! I'm so excited for you...and I can't wait to see the pictures you bring back. I kind of miss NY this time of year...:)

GMG said...

Hey, this seems to be a great programme! Look forward to seeing the pictures. Actually, I always posted after, but anticipating the trip is an interesting idea...
Have a great weekend and a great trip!

Gudl said...

That sounds like a great vacation! How long are you going?
Yes, pack some warmer clothes!! The state of NY is cooler now.
Have fun!

Kathy said...

Jennifer and Ryan it was so nice meeting you .It is always nice to meet Dad's Family.I hope you made it home safe. Your Cousin Kathy in Schenectady