Saturday, November 17, 2007

Family pics

Here are some pictures of my beautiful family back east. It was so nice to see them all. :)

Here is my Uncle Joe working and his beautiful girl, Simone :)

Boy we all had fun together...I miss them lots. My Uncle Joe is a train conductor, so is Simone and they got us up in the engine to ride the speed train, it goes a whooping 150 MPH! WOOO HOOOO!!! Fun fun!

And here I am with my cousin, Sonny Boy, opps excuse me, Earl hanging out at his house in Upstate New York...

And here is a lovely pic of more cousins.... from left to right top to bottom....

Top: Kathy, Betty, Me, Earl
Bottom: Bobby, My hubby, and Barbara

One more great pics of just the girls :) Geez - we don't look alike at all do we?? LOL!

It sure was wonderful to see everyone!


Gudl said...

You do have a nice family!

Anonymous said...

You are such an adorable young girl.It seems like we all had a great connection.We miss you as well.Your cousin Kathy in Schenectady

Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice photographs. Sounds like and exciting train ride. That's fast.

Anonymous said...

To all my Cousins and Aunt Betty

You all look great! I wish I could have been in that picture. Make sure you show Earl these pictures on the internet when he comes over, since he doesn't have a computer yet!


Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone, great pictures of the family. Hope to see you all next year. I'm glad Jennifer got to meet all the relatives I know she ejoyed her visit. Take Care and Happy Holidays.

Jennifer's Mom