Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Camping at Silver Strand, Coronado

Like our RV? I Wish it was ours...

We had a really good time camping on the shore for my birthday.... it was a bit chilly, especially at night, but oh so beautiful and peaceful. I loved listening to the waves all day and night. I don't think there is a more relaxing sound than the rhythm of the waves.... I love it.

Tumbleweed would rather be outside. Here she is wishing we would hurry up and eat our lunch so she can go back outside.

Pierre and Tumbleweed know how to keep warm and dry. At night on the shore the mist comes in and you and everything around you gets very damp.

My sister and her family came out to visit us one night we BBQed and made S'mores... YUM!

Jacob had lots of fun in the sand.

This is a great shot! I love all the little birds... they stayed and watched the sunset. They didn't fly away until the sun was completely gone... Nature enjoying nature :)


Jenny's Dad said...

Some beautiful pictures of my girls and the beach. I'm glad that you had an enjoyable day.

Love and miss you,


andrea said...

It looks beautiful out there. That's a nice way to celebrate your birthday:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the ocean too.
Great pictures. Miss
all of you.

Love Mom

Gudl said...

These are really very nice shots! I love the ocean and its sound, too.
It is always good to get away for a bit.
Nice sunset photo, too.

Anonymous said...

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