Tuesday, July 22, 2008

9 months

Here are some pics from last weekend...this is where RO and JO got married September 18, 2004. Sorry the pics are a little blurry.

Do you like that big belly?

Finally we are at 9 months!

He'll be here soon!


Janice Thomson said...

How exciting!

andrea said...

Fun you got to visit the place you got married. Memories! We just went to a wedding at the place we had ours:)

Sandy said...

YEAH...can't WAIT to see him.

Nice pics of where you got married.

Anonymous said...

Hold on William... Your Auntie will be home soon.
Having a great time in Oregon.
Love and miss you Jen.

Your sister

Anonymous said...


Nice pictures, always
nice to go back to old places for memories. Can't wait for our new grandson to come.

Love you Mom

Angoraknitter said...

Is that near Old Town? I think I took a picture of that Victorian house next door a few years ago, during my Victorian obsession...gosh it looks familiar.

You all look lovely!
When it's time, just think, "be open." it helps move things along and don't let it overwelm you, you can do it!

Amrita said...

Congrats. The pix are great. Is that your church?

Gudl said...

Can't wait!!

Jack and Joann said...

Very Cute Buddha Belly.
I know you are getting excited. It will be a milestone for all of you when he arrives. I'll keep checking back for a baby sighting.