Tuesday, July 15, 2008

San Diego County Fair 2008

Here are some pics from our trip to the fair this year - I was surprised I held up as long as I did... we got there about 5pm and walked around til closing.... it was a great night.


Here are some of the animals we saw there. Once again we were ready to take one of the goats home... ...they are so sweet. Maybe one day little goat.

Check out these lovely flowers...

...the roses smelt sooo good.

Especially the ones floating the the water bowls.

I wasn't supposed to take this pic of the birds - but I snapped it really quick...hee hee hee... I am bad! You could pay $5.00 and get your picture taken with these on you or around you... I think they looked really nice just hanging out. :)

We are on our way to the kiddie ride section here... the end of the night... time for me to put my feet up :)
Jacob waited all night for this part - he had so much fun.

Jacob loved this cool big truck...I think he would have liked to drive it home.

The last stop for the night .... a tradition for my sister and I at the fair... Hot Dog on a Stick...My grandma used to give us money to get one or a cheese on a stick and a big lemonade...YUM...although we are a bit spoiled now and can get them at the mall year round... it didn't used to be that way :)

Here are all the people leaving the grounds...



andrae said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. Fun you got to share a family tradition with your sister:)

Anonymous said...

Your fairs are in July and those here begin the first part of August and run through the middle part of September. Patty and I don't go every year as we both have problems walking around or standing very long. We have pee issues and finding those places are often hard. LOL

But we did go last year. I saw some livestock that was really nice and some farm things that is so far advanced to what I remember as to make it foreign or other world stuff.

I am glad you all had a nice time at the fair and from the pictures it looks like you all did. And that truck ride was impressive.

Janice Thomson said...

Neat pics Jo - a fair is always a fun place to visit. Glad you had such a good time!

Shionge said...

Is that a yearly affair over in San Diego? What great fun Jo!

Sandy said...

Looks a lot like the LA County Fair. Never been to the San Diego Fair.

You are really looking pregnant! He's due next month, right? I don't think I ever knew an exact due date

Gudl said...

County Fairs are always fun!! We have ours next week.