Tuesday, July 08, 2008

William Walter's Room

Here are some pics of William's room now.... looks pretty good eh?

Jacob helped Uncle put up all the stickers last night.

This last pic is the refinished cradle. This cradle was made for RO when he was born 30 years ago by RO's grandpa.... now it has been refinished for our little boy. He did a good job... it looks beautiful!
The high chair in the background is from William's Grandma O


andrea said...

Very cute room:) I think he will like it.

Anonymous said...


The room looks so cute,looks like everyone had fun decorating the room.
It won't be long now.

Love Mom

Amrita said...

The room is a treasure

Janice Thomson said...

Looking good Jo! We await his arrival with baited breath....:)

Jenny's Dad said...

Wow Sweety you guys did a great job. I bet you really appreciated Jacob's help. He sure is getting big as well. Well we'll see you all soon.

Loove and miss you,


Sandy said...

The room looks great!! I bet you can't wait...it's getting closer and closer.

Shionge said...

My American friend here (Cathy) told me her daughter is giving birth in Oct this year and was sharing about doing up the baby's room. I have no idea until I see this....very very nice :)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer and Ryan,

Room looks great! Can we paint my portion Purple???

Can't wait to see William Walter sleeping in there!

It's not much longer!

Love Aunt Becki & Tio Rudy

Angoraknitter said...

Very cool! Cars...good choice!

cass said...

omg, i remember this cradle from ryan's room when he was little!!!! cuhraaaazy. :) and very awesome. graet job with the room! i love baby rooms!!!