Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LAST DAY OF WORK! hip hip horay!

Welp it is my last day at work...yay! It has been SUPER crazy so far, but that makes it go really REALLY fast - BUSY BUSY BUSY and my partner here called in sick today! AHHHH! that means even more to get done before the day is up... AHHH! That is the way life goes I guess... when you are under pressure there always seems to be something else that comes up to bog you down more....


I will be half way to Oahu this time tomorrow! That will be so nice and refreshing! That thought will get me through the day with a smile! :-)

We are ALL packed and ready to go!

I sure can use the break! My hubby too! R&R is a WONDERFUL THING! I can't wait to hear the waves and smell all the tropical flowers. I can't wait to be a fish for a week too...

I will be bummed when it is time to leave Hawaii and come back home... But OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO COME HOME TO....

I will miss my dog terribly too! She might miss me even more... So coming home will be nice for that reason too.

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Angoraknitter said...

I'm so thrilled for you! You go and have a GREAT time! You deserve it. I'll be there with you in spirit...and can't wait to see the lovely pics.

Bon Voyage!