Thursday, June 29, 2006

WOW is that BRITNEY??

Okay! So I know that she is always the trash talk of everyone and she make some really stupid decisions... but you can't really knock these pics...

She looks beautiful!!!

Even though she was airbrushed all over (who in what mag isn't now adayz) - these pics are gorgeous! You can't deny that...

Thumbs up to the photo shot directors and the photographer too!

P.S. I hope she never bleaches her hair again - the brown suits her much better!

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Angoraknitter said...

That is a change...gee a couple weeks ago I was all caught up in her Manny story. The baby's body guard is an Annapolis grad (US Naval Academy) from the same year group as John...and so I just thought it was funny as heck trying to imagine John pulling stroller duty for Britney Spears. Definately air brushing. But it is possible to come out of pregnancy sans stretch marks...but most of the time they will occur somewhere belly or butt, but somewhere. I wonder how far along she is.