Friday, June 09, 2006


It is a wonderful Friday! We are on our way to Hawaii in just 5 days now! SO COOL!
Oahu here we come... We have been counting down the days since day 45...

We will be meeting up with my father out there for Father's Day weekend...quite a treat being I have only spent one other Father's Day with my Dad before. I am really excited to see my Dad! I haven't seen him in almost 2 years - when my husband and I were married. My Dad is paying for us to fly out there... it is a graduation gift to me since he couldn't make it out for my graduation... We haven't been to the island of Oahu yet - we went to Maui before!

I LOVED MAUI! we both did! Oahu will be much different, not like the laid back, country like atmosphere Maui provides...Maui doesn't even have a freeway. Oahu is more like the booming city, San Diego we are from... My dad always goes to Oahu...he likes it there a does my boss - that is her island of choice when she travels to Hawaii....I feel a little bad leaving my stepdad and father-in-law behind and missing thier special day for Dads - but we will celebrate with them the following weekend... What is a holiday anyways, but just another day... we have everyday of our lives to celebrate with and honor our love ones.....

This evening we will be going to a Retirement Party for my Stepdad, Greg.... he is retiring from being a teacher and they are throwing him a BIG Shibang! Get is a Luau at a Mexican Place.... hee hee hee! I got a kick out of that! The party starts at 4:30 and unfortunately - I work til 4:30 and the party is 30-40 minutes away so my husband and I are rushing home, changing quickly and heading out... we will get there about 5:15 or so right when they serve dinner - so that is cool! It should be a fun night.

Tomorrow my Best Friend is having her second baby shower...her Little Baby Angela will be here so soon now! I just can't wait to see her! WE are ALL VERY anxious! :-)

Have a great day! :-)

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Fun, glad you're finally up on blog...Yeah!