Friday, January 19, 2007

I let him do it...hee hee

Well RO finally got want he has wanted a loooong time.... We got it last night at Sam's Club, it was a great deal, we just couldn't pass it up... it was the floor model so we managed to get an additional 10% off... YAY! My hubby is a good talker when it come to that...

Regulare price: $2200.00

We paid: $1389.00

This picture really doesn't do it justice....oh and sorry for the corny image on the screen... I stole the pic from HSN.

After getting it home and set up - it is almost ridiculous how huge it is... I told him, okay I think they can see that from the space station... now I think we will need to buy a bigger house to go with it... LOL - NOT! We just don't have two walls far enough apart for this thing... it is really like sitting in the 5th row at the theather.... something I will have to get used to being that I usually sit very close to the back... hey, one good thing! I could watch it without my contacts in...

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andrea said...

NICE! I will have to come over and see it one night! That was a really good deal for an LCD TV!