Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The heatwave continues... Saturday it climbed to 110 degrees! UGH! Sunday was more of the same. My Aunt BEcki and Uncle Rudy came to get away from the Arizona heat and it was hotter HERE! TOO HOT! and High humidity - very strange weather for us. We took them to Sea World Sunday where is is usually and nice 70 degrees - well it was boiling there - like in the 90's! It is never that hot on the coast! We were roasting... Then Monday morning - I watched the temp rise.

9am - 89 degrees
10am - 103
10:30 - 104.7
11am - 111 degrees!

I didn't look again after that - I was getting hotter thinking about it. SDG&E (power company) did some rolling blackout to get the energy usage down... so some people were really suffering.


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andrea said...

WOW!! Did it really get that hot? How horrible.