Monday, September 17, 2007

Unhappy Ending and Beginning

Welp the Chargers blew it.
I will not sicken you with the final score.
I am still supportin my team, I have my Charger Gear on today.
Dear Rivers,

Please throw the ball to our guys.




Angoraknitter said...

Junior Seau is a total trader!

JO said...

LOl! I know it is painful! Don't worry I never go out to eat at Seau's...

Anonymous said...

San Diego stupid Chargers ..San Diego Chargers ...flopped

That game sucked...Chargers ~ Here's a reminder - we are playing pro football - not high school.

The good thing is it was only the second game of the season and we have plenty more games to win.

Hopefully this was a reality check and they get thier shizit together.