Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tumbleweed Chillin'

Look at that beuatiful face! :-)

This is how Tumbleweed takes full advantage of the air conditioning...she is lying in the straight shot of the strongest vent.


andrea said...

Looks like she is comfy. I wish our air conditioning at work was better.

Anonymous said...

What lucky dogs you have?

Me and Jacob were stuck in a 100 degree house on Monday Sept 3rd @ 3:30pm. We had a power outage in our neighborhood that lasted until Tuesday Sept 4th @ 1:30pm.( that's almost 24 hrs with no power - imagine that) Needless to say it was a long hot night - I felt so bad for Jacob..Thank God Jacob and I had work and school to go to the next morning w/ air condition. I hope we don't have to experience that again this summer. If we do I guess I 'll have to take us to a hotel or something. We don't know of lucky we are until we don't have something. (like air condition)