Friday, September 28, 2007

Star of India

Here are some pics I took a few weeks back of the Star of India.

The Star of India is a San Diego landmark. Most visitors see it on their way into town as in is very near the airport and close to the cruise ship dock. If you come out this way highly recommend stopping by to see it up close. It is a gourgeous old ship. It is also the oldest Active ship and we are lucky to have it in our harbor. Once in awhile we see it sail out in the bay and turn right back around to park....I was lucky enought to have my camera on another day she while was out (see bottom pic) and we just happen to be sitting in a restaraunt at a window to watch here! WOW, What a treat!

These were taken September 14th.

They were re-raising the sails.

I saw all these people climbing around up there and I thought what fun! I wish I could do that. So I ran back to the truck and got my camera so I could snap these. In college I knew someone who "worked" on this ship. I use quotes because he told me it was more like "playing" on the old ship or volenteering because the pay was very little and he drove a far distance to get there everyday.

Love this shot!

For more information on the Star of India go to: - 45k

January 2007


Angoraknitter said...

Reminds me of the Tall Ship Festival they held in 1999...I think. We got to see the U.S.S. Eagle from the Coast Guard Academy...which was a real treat since it was out to sea when we visited the campus the previous summer. And the U.S.S. Independence in Boston, MA...these ships are so facinating!

JO said...

We headed to Boston to see a few there this month - I can't wait! I think they are fasinating too.

andrea said...

I have seemn that ship before, I have never been on it though..

Anonymous said...

I saw the tall ships back in 1999 and that was special. The thing that surprised me was that there still are so many of them in the world. This is a nice one and good photographs.