Thursday, May 01, 2008

On A Mission!

The one thing I have truely missed since being pregnant.... my wardrob.

I know it sounds petty to those of you haven't been there yet... but ...Oh what a pain it is to find something to wear each day - when it seems everyother day you are a different size...I have been lucky to manage to work some of my REAL clothes into the mix as some are big and floaty tops but other than that I am forced to wear mostly the few maternity items I have bought - Maternity clothes are soooo expensive. Even on sale they rip you off because guess what?! they can! and they know they can! You have to wear something right?

So today I am on a mission. I have a party to go to Saturday and a Wedding on Sunday - AND I have not a thing to wear to either of them...I had bought a dress for the wedding a while back before I got too big - now that little dress looks like a long top - not pretty at all on with nothing underneath ...kinda like Britney Spears on a really BAD day... UGH! Ew did I just say that? So maybe I can find some capris or something to go underneath ... but then it is not very dressy for the wedding soooooo.... don't know.

Yeah, Then there is this other thing - SHOES! I have been wearing nothing but flip flops and slippers lately... why? because my feet are swelling and by the end of the day each day - I have a BIG blister or two if I wear regular shoes... so I guess there is two things I truely miss... beacuse I really really REALLY miss all my cute heels and sandals.... boo hoo!

soon enough.

My little precious boy will be here and I will get those shoes and my clothes all back - oh what happy times lie ahead.... til then I guess I won't complain anymore - just had to rant this once.... since TODAY
I am on a mission....
Off to the mall!


andrea said...

OH I feel your pain! I have been there, very irritating. I have clothing in each maternity size to, small , med, and large. Sometimes those materity shirts get to short and you have to buy more!!! You should try old navy, I found allot of cute shirts there pretty cheap, only the mira mesa one though, Santee doesn't have materity. I got lucky though and my feet never got swollen so my shoes always fit. I have a small materity dress if you want to see if it fits for your wedding. I wore it once for a wedding to.

Sandy said...

oh yeah!! four sons and by the fourth one I started showing the minute I knew and then it was downhill from there, ha!! Soon enough you will be holding that little guy....

I'm great with babies, got a few grandkids now, so come on over and sit a spell after you have him and I'll serve you lunch and give ya a'll need it...!

oh the memories..glad its' you not me. There is a time and place for all the baby stuff and you're right there at the right time.
this is fun following along.

Only have time for one blog so far today so picked yours to start my afternoon with. Now back to trimming and pulling weeds, and then later visiting my favorites around blog world.

Angoraknitter said...

Mira Mesa...I'll remember that. My last pregnancy, most of what I found I got at old navy online. But I was never able to find an actual store that carried the line.
Target had a pair of pants I bought and really liked.

But I ended up making a lot of my own clothes, shorts mostly, but a few shirts too. I couldn't stand those stretchy belly shorts, ugh! So I made some low, low rise shorts with adjustable elastic back bands. Those adjustable elastic bands were my favorite, and were especially helpful in the post partum days when neither maternity nor normal cloths fit.

Jenny's Dad said...

I don't really know what I should say to today's blog report. But I guess happy shopping will work.

Love and miss you,


Shionge said...

I know what you mean Jo coz we are always wearing the same old stuff for the next couple of months.

I hope you find something you like ';D

Gudl said...

I hope you were successful!
I remember those days...

Janice Thomson said...

That is the down side to being pregnant that's for sure. Have you tried a plus sizes store? sometimes they have real bargains