Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some More Pics of Our Mountain Drive

Aren't these trees gorgeous! I think so.This pic has my Charger Ball in it ... hee hee!

Tumbleweed loves riding in the van! She has her own A/C vents blowing on her in the back and likes them on all the time. :)


andrea said...

It looks beautiful up there. Spoiled Tumbleweed:)

Shionge said...

I have enjoyed this drive Jo, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Trees are always nice to see. I like them a lot but I like your dog even better.

Sandy said...

That is a CUTE name for the doggie. Tumblewood is adorable.

I miss not having a dog anymore, now I just have that poor little deaf and can't fly cockatiel. But then again, I don't have to pick up poop in the yard.

Enjoyed your pics from vacation and those trees ARE beautiful.

If I can find them I have some from up north that are amazing in color and I wouldn't mind myself seeing them again, haha.


Amrita said...

love those shots. Tumbleweed looks very happy