Friday, June 01, 2007

Drive In Theaters

Some day I think they will all be gone - I hope I have children soon enough to take them there before they all disapear. It is so exciting to be in the long line of cars waiting for the gates to open. Then you get to drive to your "spot" and park for the night and wait for that slow sun to set. Then the movie begins... aahh summer nights! :-)

Here are two general links to Drive Ins & they have some great history facts on here as well as links to just about all runing Drive-Ins.

We go to the Santee Drive-In and love it... it is fun and like you are stepping back in time for a while. It is a nice family atmosphere and can be a romantic night too.


Angoraknitter said...

It's the best way to watch a movie with kids, that's for sure. We've got one in Barstow...watching the movie, CARS, there was so awesome. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get in to see Pirates. I can't wait.

Gudl said...

That sounds like fun!

Here, when I hear San Diego I also think about Horizon Church Ministries. I listen to Mike McIntosh's Messages on the radio. I like him. Do you know this church?

JO said...

I do know that church... I like to listen to Family Radio down there - AM 910 - you can probably find them where you are too - go to and look for a broadcast near you or listen to a live broadcast online... it is so nice to listen to, I especially enjoy the quiet hours - they play GREAT music.