Thursday, June 28, 2007

The San Diego County Fair

How funny is it that they changed the name?

The San Diego County Fair is at the Del Mar Fair grounds... LOL!

This year's theme was, "Here's to our Heros."

Here are some pics of us on our first trip there this year.... June 9th, 2007

These pics are from the sky ride - very cool perspective :-) I am glad I didn't loose my shoes on anyone's heads ... hee hee hee! Click on the pic with the palm trees.... Almost makes you feel like you are there.


Angoraknitter said...

Oh my that sky ride pic makes me queezy...the fair is so fun.

andrea said...

Your brave wearing flip flops! I still call it the Del Mar fair.

Anonymous said...

oh my, i forgot about the county fair... how much fun! watching the fireworks on the racetrack? do they still do that? i haven't been in a very long time...
: (