Friday, June 29, 2007

Here she is.... BECKY the Great!

While at the fair, it was my priviledge to be able to ride a young elephant. I asked her trainer what her name was and was thrilled when she told me. Her name was Becky! Just like my favorite Aunt! :-) She was a sweetheart. She weighed 4500 lbs and was 20 years old. I was petting her the whole ride and talking to her and the guy walking with me was laughing at me - he said she must like you. I asked why and he said, "well, she keeps rolling her eyes back trying to see you while you talk..." I think maybe she just liked that I was massaging her head while she walked... I think she is adorable and I hung out to visit with her a long time after I rode her. This was my highlight of the fair for me and well maybe even the highlight of my year. :-)

Those of you who know me, know I ADORE elephants... they blow my mind.

I think she is BEAUTIFUL! Maybe I will go back and visit Becky againt his weekend.

I thought this shot of her was GREAT! Maybe I will blow it up.


andrea said...

How fun! You should get the picture framed and hang it on your wall:) I hope you get to ride her again this weekend.

JO said...

ME TOO! :-)

Gudl said...

Good for you! I like elephants, too! The photos are great and I can imagine how great the ride was.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Animals know when people genuinely like them. I suspect Becky sensed that and was trying to make eye contact with you.

Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I do so much appreciate it.

Abraham Lincoln
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