Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Flower Fields!

Every year we try to make it up every spring to Carlsbad to see the flowers! The display only last a couple months.... and it is so worth the wait. A day of flowers, sunshine, sea breezes, lemonade and strawberry shortcakes. Perfect!

Here are some pics of the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

What can be more beautiful than a day in a HUGE field of flowers!

Rununculus everywhere in every color! I love them!
More than 50 arces of wonderful color and radiant on the photos above and enlarge to really get a good view!
Here are some of the other flowers in the walking gardens.... they are beautiful too!

It is such a relaxing day here... everyone is smiling and happy.... you can't help it when you are surrounded by such color. There are birds chirping and butterflies floating by.

Of course I had to buy a bunch of rununculus to bring home and enjoy. :)


Sandy said...

Wow....hmmmm..Carlsbad is only about an hour or so from here. I'll have to go there.

beautiful beautiful.


Anonymous said...

These are really nice flower pictures. I am waiting on warmer weather to plant some seed and for the perennials to come back up from last year.

Thanks for your visit.

lizziebelle said...

three things.

one. these are gorgeous
two. i am sneezing just looking at them
three I PLANTED RUNUCULUS!!! or whoever you spell it!

Angoraknitter said...

Oh that is all just soooo georgeous! I never realized all that was up (well down) in Carlsbad. How lovely!

Anonymous said...

such a gorgeous field!

Gig Harbor flowers

andrea said...

Wow, those are really beatiful flowers.

Janice Thomson said...

Wow these are gorgeous flowers shots - oh to be standing in a field of flowers like that. Beautiful!