Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Flower Field Pics

Teresa had a good time!
She LOVES flowers and works in a nursary...lucky gal!
Here are some pics of her in the walking gardens.

I would like a garden like this in my nieghborhood. How nice it would be to walk around it everyday.

Like my big belly? Baby's growing fast!

22 weeks.

Here we are on the wagon ride... fun fun!

There was an Arts and Crafts Fair going on the weekend we were there. Check out the painting RO picked up by a local artist. He got it for our Baby ... he will be a leo just like his Daddy if he arrives on time.

Quite the painting!
We both loved it!
See those yummy lemonades
Teresa is carrying....
I want one right now ..
refreshing and FRESH!


Sandy said...

I definitely have to see those flower fields. Great photos and congrats on your expectation! Nice painting.


Janice Thomson said...

Nifty painting! Would love to see all that riot of color in the fields. Thanks for showing these!

andrea said...

Yes, I would love to have a garden like that in my neiborhood! Nice lion pic, Angela needs one of those, she is a leo to:)

Amrita said...

He looks like Aslan