Monday, April 21, 2008

Memorial Day Plans

Memorial day weekend is coming up and we have made plans to go camping at Mt. Laguna! :)
We usually tent camp it up there that weekend every year.... But being that I am pregnant and don't really feeling like running to the bushes 6 times in the dark in the night my dear sweet hubby got us a rig again :)
I can't wait! We drove up there to check out some sites over the weekend... I took some pretty pics - I will upload them tomorrow. The spring flowers are just beginning to bloom so we should be in for a truely beautiful show once we get up there in late May.


Alex Brown said...

Your Memorial day plans sounds Great!!
Memorial DayMemorial Day lets get together and remember the fallen heroes, their valor and pay tribute to the living legends.

Keep 'em coming..

Janice Thomson said...

Can't wait to see your photos.
Love that sunset in your banner!

andrea said...

How fun! Your lucky you can get those Rv's!

Sandy said...

How fun!! We stay home usually, because the freeways out here in Southern California are tremendously crowded on holidays.

Wow, can't wait to see pics. You have Mt. Laguna and we have Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills about an hour away.


a home far away said...

What a beautiful blog you have I just found it!

Hugs from Singapore