Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good-bye Dinner Plans

Tonight there are 13 of us going to downtown Little Italy.... We are all getting together to visit before my Mom moves away. Her packers are coming next Thursday and they are pulling out on Friday morning. We are going to eat at a yummy Italian Place, the place we had our Rehearsal Dinner for our wedding... So that will be nice. I am looking forward to the get together... and I am most certain my mom is looking forward to the time together with everyone as well... She has been working OH SO HARD packing and preparing for her departure... She is a worn out zombie right now... she needs a BREAK! This will probably be our last meal together til Christmas... it is going to be awfully hard to say good-bye... I still haven't figured out why she doesn't want to retire in our beautiful city with her family and friends - I guess I will never figure that out. Oh well :-(

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